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Citrus IV Vitamin C Village was created by Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist, Beth Meneley, L.Ac.

Beth is a primary care provider and has been supporting patients with their health for over 20 years. She has a passion for creating effective, innovative and affordable wellness for her patients.

Currently she is co-owner of OxygenWell Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Los Angeles where they offer affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Many of her patients over the years have asked to receive affordable IV Vitamin C therapy to support their wellness goals.

Citrus was created out of this need and passion to help more people attain optimal health.

Beth grew up with cancer taking hold of her father and brothers at an early age. As teenagers, doctors told her and her twin sister that they too would likely follow their family's medical legacy that carried a strong genetic force. Because of this, Beth not only had early insight into the importance of health screenings, it also seeded her passion to help others prevent and heal.

When more testing and education become available, she learned she was not a carrier of this form of colon cancer, but at the age of 42 years old, the same age her father was when he died of the genetic form, she began to have signs of pre-cancerous cells in her colon and stomach. She had many triggers in her life that created the environment for cancer to grow.  She then changed her whole life to live more optimally and no longer had signs of cancer.​

Cancer prevention, support  and education is a great passion of hers and she looks forward to supporting more patients live better.

Beth had the opportunity to study Clinical Applications and Advanced IV Topics in Therapies in Oncology Seminar by International IV Nutritional Therapy taught by Dr. Paul Anderson and Dr Virginia Osborne. She trained at the American Institute for Integrative Oncology and completed the Integrative Oncology Professional Training Program.


In 2008, she created Go Pink Prevent Cancer, offering early breast cancer screenings with Thermography and provided wellness tools and education for her patients. In 2009, she completed The Healthy Breast® Program   by  Sat Dharam Kaur N.D. that encompasses lifestyle, diet, nutritional therapies, breathing practices, kundalini yoga, meditation, exercise and psychospiritual. She has been a frequent conference goer at the Cancer Control Society for the last 15 years learning from the brightest minds in integrative oncology.

She completed the certification program with the Institute of Functional Medicine and Environmental Medicine for Healthcare Professionals.  She is also a practitioner with Seeking Health Educational Institute with advance training in Nutrigenomics.  Beth has also completed the The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs Program with MedMaps. She has taken the Neuroinflammation course, GastroIntestinal course and Autoimmunity course with Dr. Kharrazian at the Kharrazian Institute as well as all of his courses with Apex Energetics. 


She spends much of her time attending the latest integrative biomedical medicine seminars and conferences to best support her patient's wellness goals.